I figured it was high time Howie got his own spot on my blog. The truth is he is the star entertainer out here with guests. For those of you who don’t know him, he is a black lab and German shepherd mix with no concept of personal space and a strong opinion on everything. He is a foodie, we have yet to build a compost bin that he hasn’t been able to raid, but most endearing is his love for everyone he meets. (the more the merrier) Not a dog person? Don’t worry, he will still adore you and slowly convince you that you do indeed love dogs after all. As one of our non “dog loving” guests put it “We begin to love him”. Frankly, he will wear you down with his constant leaning on you, resting his head in your lap and gazing at you with his copper eyes.
As far as a dog’s life goes, he has a pretty sweet gig. No fences or boundaries, a lake all to himself, hikes all summer long, and snow machine rides in winter, and an endless parade of people to scratch his belly, throw his ball, and sneak treats.